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Elevate Your Speed & Agility: Elevate Your Performance on the Pitch

GameSpeed Coaching

Unlock Your Speed Advantage: Dominate the Pitch with Quicker Reactions and Explosive Movement


Gamespeed Training Sessions for Team Sport Athletes. If you're looking to enhance your on-pitch performance, specifically in areas such as sprint speed, acceleration, change of direction, and deceleration, you're in the right place. Through my specialized coaching I can help you to optimize your gamespeed abilities, giving you a competitive edge on the field.

Overcome these challenges...

As a team sport athlete, you understand the importance of speed and agility in game situations. However, it's common to face challenges in these areas, including:

  1. Lack of Explosiveness: Many athletes struggle with explosiveness off the mark, hindering their ability to quickly accelerate and gain an advantage over opponents.

  2. Agility and Change of Direction: Rapid changes of direction require agility and efficient movement mechanics, which can be a stumbling block for athletes aiming to navigate the field effectively.

  3. Deceleration and Injury Prevention: Proper deceleration techniques are vital for preventing injuries during quick stops and changes in direction, ensuring you maintain control and minimize the risk of frustrating injuries.

My Gamespeed training addresses these points by providing a comprehensive training regimen that focuses on sprint speed, acceleration, change of direction, and deceleration. By improving your gamespeed, you'll gain the agility, explosiveness, and injury prevention capabilities necessary for peak performance in team sports.

I am here to help

I am a dedicated coach specializing in S&C development for team sport athletes. With a solid educational background, relevant certifications, and over a decade of practical experience, I have honed my skills in helping athletes achieve their performance goals.

Drawing from my extensive work with athletes across various team sports, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that gamespeed training can have on overall performance. I understand the unique demands and nuances of team sports, and I am passionate about maximizing speed, agility, and gamespeed abilities to elevate your on-pitch performance.

My expertise lies in creating tailored training programs utilising the Speedworks Training gamespeed model that optimize every facet of your gamespeed. Through years of studying, learning from world leading experts, and staying abreast of the latest research, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of what is needed to improve GameSpeed for athletes of all levels. With hands-on experience working alongside athletes from diverse backgrounds, I have fine-tuned my coaching techniques to deliver tangible improvements in speed, agility, and injury prevention.

What you get

  • Personalized Training Sessions You will receive an individualized training sessions tailored to your specific needs, taking into account your sport, position, and goals.

  • Coached Training Sessions: You'll have access to regular coached training sessions where I will provide hands-on guidance, correct technique, and push you to perform at your best.

  • Performance Assessments: We will conduct regular video assessments of various movements to track your progress and identify areas for improvement, ensuring our training program is effectively meeting your goals.

  • Injury Prevention Strategies: I'll incorporate injury prevention exercises and techniques into the training sessions to minimize the risk of injuries and keep you on the field.

  • Ongoing Support: I will be available for communication and support throughout your time with me, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

Want to hear about some of my work?
Check out these testimonials from some of the athletes I work with

Catherine Jackson- Worcester Rowing Club

"Having had James as my S&C coach, first through my rowing club, and now 1:1 I have continued to improve and get rowing PB’s 15 years on from representing GB at the European University Championships."

Session Block Prices
(Sessions 1-2 times per week)

4 Sessions: £170

8 Sessions: £305

12 Sessions: £420


The number of in-person clients I work with is very limited in order to give you the best support possible, so don't miss out and enquire today.

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