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In-Person Coaching

Make the most important investment you can in your physical performance and take your game & athletic ability to the next level.

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Finding the right strength and conditioning (S&C) coach can feel like navigating a minefield. In a sea of personal trainers at the gym, it's difficult to differentiate those with genuine S&C expertise from the rest. Many trainers lack the qualifications and experience necessary to provide high-level training for athletes like you.

There is another way...

But the challenges don't end there. Public gyms often present their own set of frustrations. Equipment availability becomes a waiting game, and the training environment is far from optimal for athletes. Dodging around cameras capturing social media content takes away from your focus and disrupts your training flow.

That's why it's crucial to choose an S&C coach who not only possesses the qualifications and experience but also understands the specific needs of athletes like you. With our dedicated coaching services, you can leave behind the uncertainties and inconveniences of traditional gym settings. We provide a tailored training experience designed to maximize your performance without the distractions.

Get ready to experience a coaching journey that prioritizes your goals, expertise, and individual needs. Say goodbye to generic programs and hello to personalized guidance that will propel you towards your athletic aspirations.

I am here to help

When it comes to improving your physical performance, taking that next step is crucial for athletes who want to excel. I understand this firsthand because, like many others, I made common mistakes when starting out on my own journey. I followed the wrong influencers and principles, hindering my progress. It's a situation that countless athletes find themselves in, seeking guidance to break free from these setbacks.

Drawing on the principles I learned during my degrees, numerous qualifications, professional accreditation, and more than a decade of practical experience, my aim is to help athletes of all levels enhance their performance. I provide a supportive and productive environment where athletes can thrive, free from judgmental attitudes.

Throughout my career, I have worked across a wide range of sports, achieving remarkable milestones. These accomplishments include winning international championships, securing Paralympic medals, and contributing to the success of athletes who have achieved their personal targets.

During the lockdown period, I took the initiative to have a dedicated gym built at home, fully equipped to provide the highest level of support through my in-person coaching packages. This ensures that you won't have to settle for an ill-equipped gym or unqualified trainers. I believe that access to top-notch coaching should be affordable and accessible to all athletes, regardless of their training environment.

With my expertise and dedication, you can trust that your training will be guided by someone who has been through the journey themselves and has the qualifications and practical experience to back it up. Together, we will elevate your performance to new heights and unlock your true potential.

What you get

With my in-person coaching, I am dedicated to providing you with detailed and encouraging support at the best value for your investment. When you choose me as your coach, here's what you can expect:

  • Free Initial Consultation: Let's begin with a free consultation where we can discuss your goals, aspirations, and individual needs. This will provide a solid foundation for our coaching journey together.

  • Personalized Training Plan: I will create a bespoke training plan exclusively for you, taking into account your unique training history, previous injuries, and preferences. This customized approach ensures that every aspect of your plan is designed to progress you towards your goals effectively.

  • Selective Performance Assessments: To accurately gauge your training needs and monitor your progress, I will conduct selective performance assessments. These assessments will give us valuable insights and serve as a guide to fine-tune our coaching strategy.

  • Coached In-Person Sessions: Attend one to two weekly coached, in-person sessions with me. These sessions will take place in my fully equipped private home gym, offering you an ego-free and supportive environment to train in.

  • Supplementary Programmed Sessions: Alongside our in-person sessions, I will provide you with supplementary programmed sessions to complete on your own time. These sessions will be delivered through TrainHeroic, enabling you to stay on track and continue making progress between our coaching sessions.

  • Planning and Scheduling Assistance: I am committed to helping you structure the rest of your training around your sport. Together, we will plan and schedule your training regimen to optimize your performance and ensure it aligns seamlessly with your specific athletic pursuits.

With my in-person coaching, you can expect comprehensive support, personalized attention, and a training environment that fosters your growth. Let's work together to achieve your goals and elevate your performance to new heights.

Don't Just take our word for it
Check out these testimonials from some of the athletes I work with

Catherine Jackson- Worcester Rowing Club

"Having had James as my S&C coach, first through my rowing club, and now 1:1 I have continued to improve and get rowing PB’s 15 years on from representing GB at the European University Championships."

Session Block Prices
(Sessions 1-2 times per week)

4 Sessions: £170

8 Sessions: £305

12 Sessions: £420


The number of in-person clients I work with is very limited in order to give you the best support possible, so don't miss out and enquire today.

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